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Sungsimdang 60th Anniversary Archive and Pop-up Exhibition 

As Sungsimdang approaches its 60th anniversary, the company is seeking ways to connect and show appreciation to the citizens of Daejeon who have shown their love and support. 

To commemorate this milestone, Sungsimdang is presenting a pop-up exhibition, showcasing its 60-year history through a collection of archives divided into five distinct sections. 

This exhibition provides an opportunity for the people of Daejeon to rediscover their city and reflect on Sungsimdang's journey as a cherished local brand.

Exhibition 1.
Tusso Station 

Information and Photo Zones for Tusso Box Models 


Exhibition 2.
Sungsimdang meets Daejeon 

Relive the history of Seongsimdang, which has evolved from a small steamed bun restaurant in front of Daejeon Station, and the story of Daejeon through a captivating project mapping animation exhibit.

Exhibition 3.
Feel the history of Sungsimdang 

 "Discover the Evolution of Sungsimdang through the Ages" - an exhibition showcasing 60 years of history through the lens of media, allowing you to read, hear, see, and feel the story of Sungsimdang through newspapers, radio, TV, computers, and mobile. 

Exhibition 4.
Sungsimdang Walks Down the City's Alley 

Step back in time and immerse yourself in the design evolution of Seongsimdang at our nostalgic exhibition space. From early bread envelopes to present day, experience the warmth and rustic charm that has made Seongsimdang an endearing part of the community for over 60 years. 

Exhibition 5.

From 1980-2015, an immersive exhibition celebrating 35 years of Tuso, where you can delve into the rich history of the brand and its connection to the city of Daejeon. Experience the evolution of Tuso through its materials and see it come to life with engaging infographics. And leave your own mark in Tuso's guest book, as you share your own story with this beloved brand. 

Date 2015. 07. 18.

Location: Sungsimdang Main Building, Cake Boutique New Building

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