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For those of you who are seeking a short and productive trip, <Let's Go to Gangneung> after work. 

This is a travel guide to Gangneung, curated by Urbanplay and published by Arte. The book is based on the filming locations of popular films and dramas, combined with the local knowledge and insights of those who are familiar with Gangneung. f you are looking for a weekend escape, this guidebook will take you on a journey through the city in just one or two days. When I feel like leaving on the weekend, I will guide you to go for a day or two.

Book introduction 

There are moments when we all need a break from our daily routines. When we commute home from work and gaze out the window, when we work late into the night and miss dinner, or when we are feeling down during the holidays.  However, when it comes to choosing a destination, we are often at a loss. Should we go to the beach, an island, or a forest reserve? The options are endless and vague. 

That's where Gangneung comes in.

It is the perfect place to escape for a day or two, offering a blend of the sea, pine forests, and lakes.

The Gyeonggang Line was opened in preparation for the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, making it easy to travel from Seoul to Gangneung in just two hours via KTX. Whether you hop on the train after work or on the weekend, reaching Gangneung is a breeze. However, when taking a short trip without proper planning, you will need a trustworthy guide to take you to the right places. 

Despite being a popular travel destination, searching for information on restaurants and attractions can be overwhelming, as you may have to wait in long lines at popular spots, and the information available online may not always be trustworthy. If you want a book that provides in-depth and reliable information about Gangneung travel, "Let's go gangneung after work", curated by Urbanplay, an urban cultural content company, will be your perfect companion. It offers information that is not readily available on the internet, making it a must-have for those seeking an enjoyable and stress-free trip to Gangneung. 

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Publication 2019. 01.

ISBN 9788950978204

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Local Curator

People Who Know Gangneung Better Than Anyone.
Interview | A Journey Beyond Tourism | Location Manager Kim Tae-young
Interview | Behind the Scenes and On Camera | Film Director Cho Sung-kyu 


A 300-Year-Old Hanok Shelter Embracing Enough Customers
Interview | A Heart Venerable with the Thickness of Time | Missionary Jangju Lee Kang-ryung
Essay | A Familiar Night in an Unfamiliar Travel Destination | Hanok Stay Experience 

Route Curation

Sacheon#NarrowBeach #RoughWave #Standard_of_Moolhoe
Myeongju #JeoksanHouse #Springdays_goby #Gangneung
From Okgye to Simgok #MorningBeach #LifeDrive #HiddenSurfingSpot 

50 Must-See Places before seeing Gangneung 

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