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I know here Magazine Vol.4 

“A new standard for experiencing your neighbourhood"

Discover a new level of exploration with <I Know Here> Magazine, showcasing the rich heritage and untold stories of neighbourhoods across the land. 

From the scenic surrounds to the daily routines of residents and the secrets hidden in objects, we delve deep into the diverse facets of a neighbourhood. 

While popular restaurants and cafes often grab the spotlight, it's the hidden gems and personal experiences waiting to be uncovered that truly make a journey memorable. 

Join us as we open the door to rediscovering and reimagining our neighbourhoods with <I Know Here> Magazine.

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Size 180 x 240mm

Publication 2019. 06.

ISBN 9791196100995



Editorial Letter
CHECK LIST Seongsu-dong preference index check list.
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#Time Capsule of Seongsu-dong - A Decade of "Hip Development"
#Urban Metamorphosis 01 - Comparing and Contrasting Seongsu-dong and Brooklyn
#The Story of Duality of Red and Grey
#From Past and Present to Future: The Transformation of Seoul Forest
#The Industrial Charm of a Hip Town
#Urban Metamorphosis 02 - A Study of Points, Lines, and Faces in Seongsu-dong's Life 


#Seongsu Delight - Savouring the Flavours of a Native and Hipster Community
#The Future is Here and Now: Retro Seongsu
#Urban Metamorphosis 03 – Exclusive to Seongsu: An evolution of the urban landscape
#Tradition Meets Modernity: A Story of OLD&NEW
#Urban Metamorphosis 04 – Seongsu as a brand 


#Social&SharingValley - Together, but also individually
# Impact investment – Social Venture Businesses ask impact investors
#Urban Metamorphosis 05 – Seongsu as a K-pop landmark: Paintings by composer Kim Hyung-seok
#Establishing a New Production Base - Crafting Fresh Value 


Seongsu-dong Trail

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