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"I Know Here" Magazine Vol.6 

"A New Standard for Experiencing the Neighbourhood"

I Know Here" is a magazine that explores the value of a neighbourhood. It delves into the elements that make up a neighborhood, such as its people, spaces, and content, and offers insights into a meaningful local lifestyle for those living in the present era.

The magazine... 

· Illuminates the culture shared within a neighbourhood and the lives of residents who have taken root there.

· Provides information to those who have long been active based on locality and the value of the space that has protected the neighbourhood.

· Introduces how a space with its own beliefs and individuality contributes to the development of a neighbourhood.

· Evaluates the potential of the neighbourhood through the factors that change the neighbourhood that attract attention.

· Chronicles the changes in the region, including the construction structure and material properties of the neighbourhood.

Price 15,000won

Page 188p

Size 180 x 240mm

Publication 2021. 12.

ISBN 9791190139021



Editorial Letter

Incheon Taste Index #1 Check List

News Library



#Chinatown - Between Exclusion and Coexistence

#Rebirth - How to Use Modern Buildings for Tomorrow

#Brilliant Legacy - A Reasonable Transformation of the Tree Hill

#Urban Perversion 01 - And Yet We Sell Books

#Sinpo-dong Vibe - Original Vintage Flavor

#Wolmido Adventure - Grand Master of Wolmido

#Ganghwa-do – Three Topics, Seven Stories

Urban Transformation 02 - Taste of Strengthening a Piece of Sea


#Creator - People Sailing the Alley

Urban Transformation 03 - Saturday to Incheon

#Incheon Spectrum - The Face of Incheon in Popular Culture

Urban Transformation 04 - Incheon Native Discusses 'Magye Incheon'

#Craftman - People Making Time

#Gudo Incheon - The Turbulent Incheon Baseball Chronicle

#Kyung-In Line - Mainstay of Incheon

Urban Transformation 05 - Two-Sided Space, Old City Centre


Incheon City Centre & Ganghwa Island Tour

Supplementary Provisions 

Map of Incheon's Old City Centre & Ganghwa Island

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