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I Know Here Magazine Vol.5 

“A new standard for experiencing the neighbourhood.”

<I Know Here> magazine presents a new standard for experiencing neighborhoods with stories that run through yesterday, today and tomorrow. From the environment surrounding the neighbourhood to the lifestyle found in the daily lives and spaces of residents, we examine various aspects of a neighbourhood. It's not bad to find restaurants and cafes that are introduced by various media, but the moment you step away, look into the alley and find your own story, the trip can be more enjoyable. Urbanplay's "I Know Here" magazine serves as a small door for us to remember our neighbourhoods and further renew our lives.

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Size 180 x 240mm

Publication 2019. 08.

ISBN 9791190139014



Editorial letter

Gangwon-do East Coast Taste Index Check List.

A News Library



#Taste of Gangwon-do - East Coast Gourmet Book

#Drinks in the waves - Coffee and Beer and the Fluctuating Sea.

Urban Metamorphosis 01 - Why They Visit the East Coast

#Dongchinso - Let me introduce you to a local creator on the east coast.

#Local Stay - The Sea of Stay

#Surfing - A Guide for Boys and Girls Travelling the Waves

Urban Transformation 02 - The Sea I Loved


#Holy - Wind of Change in the Lonely Sea

#Sokcho - City of Books

Urban Metamorphosis 03 - Sokcho City, hello.

#Yangyang - Boarder's Heaven

#Gangneung - Cinema Paradiso

Urban Transformation 04 - People Raised by the Sea

#East Sea - 4 Neighbourhoods 4 Colours

#Samchuck - Full margins

Urban Transformation 05 - Route 7 Bus Trip


Gangwon-do East Coast Course

Supplementary Provisions 

Gangwon-do East Coast Map & Photoshoots

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