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Discovering Gangnam's Heart and Soul - I Know Here Magazine Vol.7: A Guide to Meaningful Urban Living 

 "A new standard for experiencing the neighbourhood."

"I Know Here" - A Guide to a Meaningful Neighbourhood Lifestyle in the Present Era. Examining People, Space, and Content. 

Gangnam's Neighbourhood Exploration - Two Themes and Twelve Keywords. 

<I Know Here>, shining a light on the life and culture of familiar neighbourhoods around us from various angles. 

Having explored the localities of various areas of Gangbuk, including Yeonnam-dong, Eulji-ro, Itaewon, and Seongsu in Seoul, and after traversing the east coast of Gangwon-do and the original downtown area of Incheon, <I Know Here> finally delves into "Gangnam". 

Our editorial department aims to offer a detailed analysis of the various characteristics of Gangnam, which span a wide area, with a focus on Gangnam-gu.

With regards to "Knowing Gangnam," we have selected two key themes as a starting point for comprehending this district. 

The office town stretch from Gangnam Station to Samsung Station is referred to as "Toil's Terrain," while the regions of Sinsa, Apgujeong, and Cheongdam-dong, known for being the gathering places of trendsetters, are referred to as "Longing's Wonderland." It is engaging to observe the diverse facets of Gangnam by selecting the theme that most appeals to you, as they both comprehensively encapsulate the lifestyle in the Gangnam area.

The distinctiveness of Gangnam stems from various desires that manifest in different forms, all interacting organically and centered around the stark contrast between production and consumption cultures. 

With 12 keywords that serve as a comprehensive guide to understanding the individuals who enliven Gangnam, the spaces they shape, and the built-up neighbourhood itself, you can delve further into the area through three "urban transformations." 

These cover the current state of the Gangnam locality, a richly evocative account of local journeys in Gangnam, and the history of Gangnam shaped by human desires and culture.

Amid the shifting currents of "The Gangnam Relocation Trend," <I Know Here> is a lens that offers a fresh perspective on the present-day neighbourhood. 

We hope that this magazine will be a catalyst for new developments and a renewal of Gangnam's unique sense of place.

Price 15,000won

Page 163p

Size 180 x 240mm

Publication 2021. 05. 13

ISBN 9791190139106


Preview of Gangnam 

#Editorial Letter 

#Gangnam Preference Index Checklist 

#News Library 


Worker's Land

 #Surviving the Rush Hour 

I commute to work in Gangnam daily. 

#Shared Workspace, Shared Futures 

The present and future of co-working spaces. 

#Starting Up in Gangnam 

Embarking on Entrepreneurship in Gangnam 

#Lunchtime Concerns 

What's for lunch? A dilemma for office workers. 

#The One-Stop Cafe Solution 

A moment of solace and respite. 

#The Night-time Companion 

Midnight reading in the 21st century. 

#Urban Metamorphosis 1: Present-Day Gangnam 

#Editor's Choice: Toil's Terrain 

Longing's Wonderland 

#Designing the Ideal 

Design as a catalyst for desire 

#Urban Metamorphosis 2: Discovering Gangnam's Character 

 #The Gastronomic Guide 

Chefs and their culinary expressions. 

#Nocturnal Elegance 

My night shines brighter than your day. 

#Gangnam wears Prada 

A dynamic map of Cheongdam-dong's style. 

#Gangnam Sonata, Gangnam Santa Fe. 

Money and style intertwined with automobiles. 

#Urban Metamorphosis 3: Architecture, Desire, and Culture in Gangnam 

#Living the 3% Life 

Where desires come to life, residing in Gangnam and owning a home. 

#Editor's Pick: Longing's Wonderland 

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