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I Know Here Magazine Vol.1

“A new standard for experiencing the neighbourhood. ”

<I Know Here> magazine presents a new standard for experiencing neighbourhoods with stories that span past, present, and future. 

From the neighbourhood's environment to the lifestyles and spaces of its residents, we delve into the various aspects that make up a neighbourhood. While it is easy to find restaurants and cafes recommended by various media sources, it is the off-the-beaten-path experiences and personal stories that can truly make a trip memorable. <I Know Here> magazine from Urbanplay serves as a doorway to rediscover and revitalize our neighbourhoods.

Price 15,000won

Page 160p

Size 180 x 240mm

Publication 2017. 10.

ISBN 9791196100902



Editorial letter
Yeonnam-dong Local Index Checklist
News Library

19 Keywords 

#Yeonnam Park – A Sacred Place for Gilmac Enthusiasts
#Gyeongui Line - The Path Connecting Yesterday and Today in Yeonnam-dong
#Airport Railroad – Departing at Exit 3, Not 9
#Guesthouse – A Home Base for Travellers
#Chinese Street – A Mini Chinatown Without Parlors
#Driver's Restaurant - A to Z Guide to Yeonnam-dong's Driver's Restaurant
#Dongjin Market – Balancing the Past and the Future
#Gongbang Map – Artists Infusing Life into the Neighbourhood
#Warm South – Anticipating a Brighter Tomorrow
#Yeonnamdong Alley - Uncovering Hidden Stories Along the Way
#StarStore – Transforming Small Shops into Stars
#Building Transformation – A New Façade for an Old House
#Yeonnamdong Dumb and Dumber - Celebrating the Neighbourhood's Quirks
#Yeonnam Ale - The Discovery of Enduring Love
#Yeonnam Apartment - Curiosity About the Ordinary
#Mapo05 – Exploring Yeonnam-dong in 10 Minutes
#1975 – Discovering the Unknown About Yeonnam-dong
#100 Million Won per Pyeong, And Yet I Choose to Live in Yeonnam-dong
#Humantown – Building a Thriving Community 

Urban Metamorphosis 

The Ongoing Transformation of Yeonnam-dong
A Guide to Yeonnam-dong as a Local Tourist Destination
The Phenomenon of Yeonnam-dong's Scarcity of Starbucks Outlets
Insights into Yeonnam-dong's Real Estate Scene
The Ubiquity of Yeonnamsal - The Most Popular Neighbourhood 


Yeonnam's Treasures
A Tour of Yeonnam-dong 

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