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I Know Here Magazine Vol.3 

“A new standard for experiencing the neighbourhood. ”

<I Know Here> magazine presents a fresh approach to exploring neighbourhoods through the lens of their history, present, and future. From the neighbourhood's environment to the lifestyles and spaces of its residents, we delve into the various aspects that make up a neighbourhood.  While it is easy to find restaurants and cafes recommended by various media sources, it is the off-the-beaten-path experiences and personal stories that can truly make a trip memorable. <I Know Here> magazine from Urbanplay serves as a doorway to rediscover and revitalize our neighbourhoods.

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Size 180 x 240mm

Publication 2019. 06.

ISBN 9791196100940



Editorial Letter
Itaewon Taste Index Checklist
News Library

15 Keywords

#Come To Me - Four Faces Representing the Neighbourhood
#StreetITW – A Neighbourhood on the Move
#Up and Down - The First Neighbourhood Beneath Namsan Mountain
#Dizzying Coexistence - The Story of 70 Years in the U.S. Military Base Village
#YankeeStyles – America in Korea, Korea in America
#120BPM – Shut up and dance!
#24/7 – Never-ending Nights
#Game of Thrones – Food Wars to Reclaim the Holy Land
#Play, Pray, and Love - A Multicultural Festival Both Familiar and Unfamiliar
#Antique & Vintage - Our Lives in 100 Years of Furniture
#Hwayangyeonhwa - Our Fond Memories of Itaewon
#Itaewon Freedom – Calling for Freedom in the Alley
#Ordinary Beings – Redefining Boundaries
#Post-Itaewon - Reflections on the Neighbourhood's Development
#Liberation Village – A Place of Special Emancipation 

Urban Metamorphosis 

A small alley that has seen it all
Woman, man: Our shining moments.
The sweet and bitter scent of Itaewon.
Get to know the HOT, YOUNG, and FREAKY
Itaewon transforms 12 times over. 


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