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Local Play Kit 

The Local Play Kit offers a comprehensive guide for those who want to plan their own local travel.

With a focus on discovering hidden gems and showcasing the stories behind them, the Kit sets new standards for local travel experiences. 

The kit includes a book called "Knowing Travel" featuring the experiences of a local curator, a sampler of local specialties such as sweet roasted garlic salt and Yeongwolden sea tea, and additional items to make the travel experience more enjoyable and practical. 

The kit acts as a helpful companion for those who want to explore new destinations on their own, providing both travellers with an opportunity to experience rich local content and brands with a platform to promote their offerings to a wider audience.

Date Jecheon/Chungju

Played with Korea Tourism Organization

Play Book

The book "I know how to travel vol.2 Jecheon and Chungju" offers a unique insight into the twin cities through the stories of four individuals who have formed a connection with the place.

It highlights the natural beauty of Chungju Lake, created by the convergence of several rivers, and how it has attracted people from various backgrounds to visit. 

The stories of these individuals serve as an inspiration for readers, encouraging them to embark on a journey with the courage and purpose to discover new places.

The book provides a valuable resource for travellers looking to learn about the charm and hidden gems of Jecheon and Chungju.  

Local curator 

Jecheon | Jecheon Gandhi School Principal Lee Byung-gon, Executive Committee Chairman of Jecheon International Music Film Festival Heo Jin-ho

Chungju | Essay Writer Ki Nak-kyung, CEO of Onda Bookstore Seo Hye-jin 


Local Brand

The Ship of Jecheon, the Apple of Chungju 

In Jecheon, there are individuals who showcase their affection for the area through their offerings. "Youth Love Oriental Medicine" in Jecheon reimagines the city, renowned for its traditional Eastern remedies, with a contemporary twist. The age-old Korean cuisine has been reinvented for modern enjoyment. In Chungju, farmer Kim Cheong-ho revels in the cycles of the seasons, nurturing apples at his "Sunlight Farm." He tends to the blooms, trims the branches, and remains vigilant as the apples mature to their brilliant red hue.

Youth Love Oriental Medicine Jecheon Local Brand

In Jecheon, the hometown of herbal medicine, there is a cooperative "Youth Love Oriental Medicine" established by six young people. As their moniker, "Youth Love Oriental Medicine," suggests, they approach the complex and enigmatic realm of oriental medicine with an affable demeanor, seeking to demystify its intricacies. The pre-repast, a delectable amalgamation of various grains, is neatly packaged in single portions, providing a satisfying and nutritious meal. Satisfy your hunger for culinary adventure with our seven exquisite dishes, expertly crafted from a harmonious blend of premium grains and tailored to ignite the gastronomic desires of all genders, ages and palates.

Sunshine Farm Chungju Local Brand

Embarking on a scenic journey from the heart of Chungju, over a petite pass and into the embrace of a mountain village, where the idyllic community of Yogakgol awaits. Step into the world of farmer Kim Chung-ho's "Sunlight Farm," where three decades of tender love and care for the soil has brought to fruition a lush orchard of bountiful apple trees. Indulge in the juiciness of the apple presented to you, and allow the gentle essence of the farmer's lifelong dedication to be felt with every succulent bite. CEO Kim Chung-ho espouses a philosophy of humility, stating that he is not driven by avarice. Taste is everything. A farmer who grows the best apples. With love and care, he makes sure each apple is perfectly delicious.

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