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Date 2017.12.
 ~ 2018.05.

Location: Danyang/Yeongwol

Played with Korea Tourism Organization

Play Book

I know travel vol.1 Danyang and Yeongwol. 

Embark on a journey along the Namhangang River. This book is unlike other travel guides, offering a deeper look at the memories and dreams of its subjects. Listen to the stories of the people of Danyang and Yeongwol, from elementary school teachers to farmers, film directors, and more. Discover the unique perspectives of the individuals who call this region home.

Local curator 

Danyang | Seo Min-ji, a first-year high school student, Yoon Sung-min, an elementary school teacher, and Kim Jin-do, a film director. 

Yeongwol | Brand Palmer Won Seung-hyun, Astronomer Lee Tae-hyung


Local Brand


Salt in Danyang, Tea in Yeongwol 

People in regions make special products. Lee Hak-ju, the CEO of Geumsure, bakes salt in Danyang's pottery village for 10 years with care. In the proud village of Danyang, they create savory grilled garlic salt. At the high and empty Hanok of Yeongwol, CEO Park Sung-hwi of "Dunhae Tea House" handcrafts tea from fair trade sourced materials, sharing the depth of tea's connection to time.  

Geumsure: A Local Brand in Danyang

In Danyang, there's a special shop that makes the best salt. The owner, Mr. Lee Hak-Ju, has been working hard for 10 years to make the purest salt possible. He dries the salt in the sun for over 3 years and then bakes it in an oven that goes over 800℃ made of red clay. The high-quality salt is known for its white color, original taste, and low bitterness and saltiness, and it is still a source of pride.

Hanok Art Stay, a local brand in Yeongwol

Hanok Art Stay 'Denhae' is a cultural space that combines a tea house and accommodation. In a comfortable environment surrounded by traditional Korean houses, you can sample organic tea from different countries. With its own blend of tea made using only fair trade products and high-quality ingredients, it offers a unique flavour. CEO Park Sung-hwi is dedicated to creating a place for people to enjoy culture and art with a healthy cup of tea, and he plans various cultural events to this end. At Hanok Art Stay 'Denhae,' you can indulge in the rich and wholesome taste of tea, bask in the fragrance of the natural world within a classic Korean abode, and afford yourself a moment of rest and rejuvenation. 

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