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Sparking inspiration 

Based in Yeoksam, the hub of startups, fyi is a community space that provides a thinking environment for individuals with diverse working styles, offering opportunities for meaningful interaction and connection. 

As a place for comfortable conversation and active knowledge sharing, fyi serves as a source of inspiration to ignite new ideas. 

Collect your own spark of inspiration from fyi and let it guide your thoughts.

The Cafe: A Cozy Retreat for Casual Meetings and Personal Work 

With its warm lighting and charming vintage furnishings, this cafe offers the perfect atmosphere for relaxed gatherings or solo work.

Savour a nourishing meal replacement sandwich and savor a delicious coffee, brewed by Ordinary Fit, and take a moment to unwind and recharge. 

The Salon: A Venue for Stimulating Discussions After Dark

As the day comes to a close, the salon comes to life with a series of thought-provoking meetings.

A diverse range of speakers, from distinctive brands to creative individuals, share their insights, perspectives and latest works, ranging from independent bookstores to wider topics. 

The Showroom: An Exhibition of Carefully Curated Products

Discover a selection of products, handpicked by different brands and independent bookstores, displayed to fit the theme of the space, which changes every quarter.

From inspiring goods to help spark your creativity, to books and stationery selected by the bookstore's proprietor, the showroom is a treasure trove of delightful finds.

We are also planning to offer a subscription service, allowing you to receive these carefully curated products directly to your doorstep. 

Since 2021.01.

Location: Yeoksam-ro 180, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

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© URBANPLAY All right Reserved

Urbanplay Co. 

CEO Ju Seok Hong 
Company Registration Number.105-87-96063
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