"I Know Here" 02: Revolution in City Living  Book & Culture OS

A Lifestyle Startup Transforming Cities 

Exploring the Cutting-Edge Trends in Urban Business 

"I Know Here" is a yearly publication that compiles expert perspectives on prominent topics within the urban realm. It showcases the direction of contemporary lifestyles through the views of those driving urban trends. 

Lifestyle is a buzzword of our times. Even the offerings of startups reflect the values that users are seeking.  "I Know Here" 02: Revolution in City Living sheds light on the ways in which startups are shaping public lifestyles by featuring the voices of industry leaders.

By exploring the stories of 18 firms operating across five fields in "I Know Here" 02: Revolution in City Living, readers will gain a deeper understanding of the current state of lifestyle businesses that are transforming all facets of society, and get a glimpse of what the future holds.

Price 15,000won

Page 234p

Size 143 x 210mm

Publication 2020. 04.

ISBN 9791190139083


Editorial Letter

6p "Urban Life Revolution: Solving Urban Problems with Innovative Lifestyle Solutions" 

Part 1. Mobility 

10p: Moving Forward with Technology: The Story of Socar 

20p: The 21st Century Axial Method: Connecting Door to Door with Kick Going 

30p: Discovering the Potential of Parking Lots through Sharing and Connection: All Parking Lots 

40p: Can Insight Mobility Services be an Urban Troubleshooter? An Interview with Cha Doo-won of the Korean Site Research Institute 

Part 2. F&B 

50p: A Sustainable Kitchen for F&B Entrepreneurs: WeCook 

60p Fresh Changes to the Table / Meatballs 

70p: Designing Inner Beauty through Diet: The Story of Dano Shop 

80p: Food Tech Innovation: Balancing Trade-offs and Taking It All: An Interview with Lee Doo-young of Nilson Company Korea 

Part 3. Space 

88p: The Age of Space as a Brand: G-Lab 

100p: Waking Up the Nostalgia of the Cityman: Neo Value 

110p: Space Business in the Era of Adequacy: Urban Hybrid 

122p: A New Concept Hotel's Urban Landscape: Yanolja 

130p: Regional Changes Starting at Small, Special Hardware Stores: An Interview with Shim Young-gyu of Jungum Hardware 

Part 4. Communities & Activities 

142p: 100 Journeys for 100 Travelers: My Real Trip 

152p: Finding Yourself Among Strangers: Creator Club 

164p: The Smartest Way to Enjoy Life over Dinner: Frip 

174p: Breaking the Unseen Wall with the Power of Solidarity: Hey Joyce 

184p: Evolving Communities, Growing Life: An Interview with Baek Young-sun of Flying Whale 

Part 5. Self-development 

194p: Breaking Through the Netflix Era with a New Reading Method: Millie's Bookplay 

204p: Portrait of a 21st Century Self-Developer: Study Pie 

216p: Making All Talents in the World Valuable: Taling 

226p: The Evolution of Insight and Learning for Millennials: An Interview with Lee Sang-joon of Hunet 

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