Neighbourhood Teuk-ga  Village OS

Unveiling the hidden gems of your neighbourhood. 

Neighborhood Teuk-ga presents a unique opportunity to explore and experience the cherished gems of your community. 

Urbanplay and Prib, a social activity platform, come together to curate a selection of captivating events in the most cherished locales. 

Neighbourhood concert
Uncover the Treasured Gems of the Community with the Community Concert Experience
· Safety House Class 18.12.08.SAT @Safety House
· Safety House Doll Theater 18.12.15 SAT @Safety House
· MOONBEAR OPENING PARTY 18.12.22.SAT @YeonnamJang 

Local brand tour
Listen to their stories as you stroll through the area where creators' brands are launched.
· Yeongdong Wine Tour 18.12.08. SAT @Yeongdong Sinabro Wine, Wine Korea, Blue Wine Farm 

Local Expert Tour
Discover the hidden gems and tales of the neighborhood alongside experts of the neighbourhood.
· Alley Economic Dosent, December 09. SUN @Yeonhui-dong area. 

Local Brewery Tour
Savour handcrafted beers and hear the tales behind them at various pubs throughout Seoul.
· Seoul Brewery X Beers Pick 18.12.09. SUN @Seoul Brewery (Hapjeong)
· Vanneheim X Beerspick 18.102.15.SAT @Vanneheim
· Dog & Pig X Beers Pick 18.12.16. SUN @Dog & Pig (Shindorim) 

Local Cuisine Gourmet Gathering
Taste the fusion of classic local eateries and artisanal brews for yourself.
· Tongin-dong Food Talk 18.12.08.SAT @Tongin-dong Hand & Malt
· Gwangjang Market Gourmet 18 December 13. THU @Parkgane Bindaetteok in Gwangjang Market 

Date 2018. 12. 08. ~ 2018. 12. 22.

Played with Korea Tourism Organization, Frip

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