I Know Here: Euljiro [Korean Edition] Book & Culture OS

I Know Here Magazine Vol.2

“A new standard for experiencing the neighbourhood. ”

<I Know Here> magazine presents a new standard for experiencing neighbourhoods with stories that span past, present, and future. From the environment that surrounds the neighbourhood to the lifestyles and spaces of the residents, we delve into the various facets of a neighbourhood.

Price 15,000won

Page 194p

Size 180 x 240mm

Publication 2018. 02.

ISBN 9791196100919



Editorial letter
Euljiro Taste Index Checklist
News Library

17 Keywords 

#Cheonggyecheon Stream: Our Heavenly View
#Nopo - A Restaurant That Bridges Time
#Do-Heart: A Market that Embodies Yesterday and Today in Seoul
#Euljiro Circular Line - A Journey Through Downtown News
#Euljiro Whelk - Soul-Stirring Cuisine
#Tools of the Trade on the Big Screen - Uncovering their Secrets
#All-Life Awards - An Exploration of 7 Essential Elements
#Nogari Alley - Discovering Euljiro's World of Fields
#Print Alley - Gathering and Building a Community of Paper
#SLOW SLOW QUICK QUICK - Racing Through the Heart of the City
#Sewoon Shopping Center - The Intersection of Ideas and Oddities
#MakersCity - Turning Imagination into Reality
#The Ups and Downs - Charting Namchon's Troubled History
#Great Legacy - Preserving Old Memories in the Urban Landscape
#Alley Arts - Artistic Blossoms at the Ironworks Entrance
#New Humanity - A Glimpse into their World
#Urban Regeneration - Reviving Neighbourhoods with a New Breath of Life. 

Urban Metamorphosis: Exploring the Transformative Power of Eulji-ro 

Uncovering the Essence of Eulji-ro
Sewoon Snack Research Institute
Makers' Visions: The Future of Craftsmanship in Eulji-ro
Tick-Tocking towards Urban Renewal: Who Will Drive the Change in Eulji-ro? 


Objects of Eulji-ro: A Window into the Neighbouhood's Identity
Exploring the Beauty and History of Eulji-ro: A Journey Through Time 

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