2018 Yeonhui walk  Village OS

A Stroll through Yeonhee

The Yeonhui Walk is a flagship local initiative from Urbanplay, now in its fourth year. 

It offers a unique chance to explore the stories and local landmarks of Yeonhui-dong. Embark on a new journey through Yeonhee with the Yeonhui Walk!

Community Landmarks 

Concierge Coffee, Pomelobin Bean Shop, Cotton Seed Lounge, Mering Merchen, Peter Pan Confectionery, Jumapal, Time-staying Black Tea Shop, Noas Roasting, Mahogany, Balcaron, Yeonhui Department Store, Geumokdang, Tutigus, Bookbar, Night Bookstore, White Noise, Sono Art, Place Mak, Weaverin, Kinoko, Volworkbeer, Maudi, Cafe Vostok, Chapelle, Opif.


Yeonhui Dining Pass
A Mobile Exchange Ticket that Grants Access to Discounted Offerings from Distinguished Restaurants in Yeonhui-dong. 

Yeonhui experience, A Range of Programmes Featuring Local Creatives in Yeonhui-dong, Including: 

Tea Omakase, Macaron Masterclass, Book Night Tour, Gallery Tour Guide, Foodie Travel Caravans, One Table Day, Gourmet Gallery, Heroes' Legends, Dubleo Delicacies, Artist Wagon, Secrets of the Floating Neighborhood, Flower Arranging Class, Dessert Masterclass, Homely Projects, Alley Economy Tour Guide, and More. 

Stamp tour
A Walk Through Yeonhui-dong's Cultural Landscape that Brings Joy with Each Cherished Stamp Collected. 

Yeonhui Market
Yeonhui-dong Artisan Market with 50 creators. 

Yeonhui concert.
Jazz concert in Yeonhui-dong. 

· Artist
· Sina trio
· Jehee trio

City Salon Yeonhui-dong Live

Audio Broadcast: "City Salon" - An Introduction to the City We Call Home.
· Mo Jong lin (Professor at Yonsei University Graduate School of International Studies)
· Eum seong won (Urban Architecture Specialist)
· Lee Jae Woo (Creative Director of Mr. Holmes)
· Son Chang-hyun (CEO of OTD Corporation) 

Date 2018. 10. 20.
 ~ 2018. 10. 28.

Location: Yeonhui-dong area 

Played with Seoul City, AUCTION, FRIP

Yeonhui walk

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