I Know City 01: Golden age of the local [Korean Edition]  Book & Culture OS

The Future of the City on the Local Frontline 

"Reading the city of millennials with 6 keywords. "

The annual publication <I Know City> presents a comprehensive understanding of the cities that matter.

I Know City 01: Golden Age of the Local delves into the connection between individual tastes, values and local businesses. The publication explores how modern spaces such as co-working spaces, salons and coriving spaces connect to local shops and alley commercial areas, through the experiences of 32 local business leaders. 

Price 15,000won

Page 216p

Size 143 x 210mm

Publication 2019. 03.

ISBN 9791196100988


Editorial Letter

6p: Entering the Era of Local Prosperity / Shim Young-kyu

Part 1. Alley business district 

10p: Discovering the Future of Korea's Economy in an Alley / Mo Jong-lin

18p: Saving Gyeongridan-gil 'Together' / Hong Seok-cheon

28p: A New Business Strategy in the Age of Overwhelming Space Content / Changyoon Jung (Space Consultant)

Part 2. Local shop 

38p: Local Shops Sell Community / Chairman Hong (Urbanplay)

44p: Can a Local Bakery Change the World? / Sungsimdang

54p: The Essence of Bookstore Business in Sokcho / Dong-A Bookstore

64p: The Most Local and Universal Beverage / Mudeungsan Brewery

Part 3. Co-working 

76p: Global Coworking Space Trends / User (S.L.A.)

82p: Revisiting Area Potential / Passfinder, 0.9M, First Pharmacy

92p: Redefining Community / Willoughby, Hive Arena

102p: Connecting the Region and Creators through Space / Local Lab Seoul, Yeonnamjang

112p: Proposing Space Based on Travel / Salon de Nomad Chuncheon

Part 4. Co-living 

120p: Why We Should Pay Attention to Co-living / Eumseongwon (Urban Architecture Specialist)

124p: The Way We Live in the City / Seoul Social Standard

132p: Living Alone Again / Mr. Holmes

140p: A House That Shares Values / Dewell House

Part 5. Salon 

150p: A Little Smarter, A Little Closer / Trevary

158p: Under the Name of Taste, We Are Equal.

166p: Where All Stories Shine / Safe House

174p: Putting Taste at the Center of the Salon / Kim Sung-yong (Other's Home Project)

Part 6. Local Media 

182p: The Daily Value of the Area / Real Jeju Magazine iiin

190p: Ten Years of Town on Paper / Street H

198p: The Most Private City Records / Busan Again

204p: Studying Local Shops / So Hye-jung (Broadcally)

Special Interview

208p: Connecting Space, Region, and People / UDS Japan

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